Beef Integrated Resource Management was first in-troduced to Kentucky in 1981. Since then it has evolved, but the goal remains: to help Kentucky cattle producers improve the management of their cowherd through better record keeping, leading to more profitability.

“We want to take producers from point A to point B through hands-on, boots-in-the-dirt style instruction,” said Les Anderson, UK extension beef specialist and chair of the Beef IRM team.

The IRM Farm Program, begun in Northern Kentucky, has concentrated much of its efforts in Eastern Kentucky. Last year the Beef IRM Farm program was expanded into Western Kentucky. There are more than 140 farms and 6,000 cows now enrolled in the program, which includes traditional classroom educational programs like Master Cattleman, Applied Master Cattleman, Grazing School, and Beef Quality and Care Assurance.

The cost-share program is a five-year commitment for producers.

- Jeff Franklin