Because Kentucky is situated between the North and the South, with hot summers and cool winters, no single grass is suitable for all situations and locations. The majority of the turfgrasses that are appropriate for use here are cool-season grasses.

Tall fescue is an excellent choice for home lawns as well as utility areas and golf course roughs. It has excellent heat and drought tolerances compared to other cool-season grasses. It will also tolerate moderate amounts of shade. Kentucky bluegrass, on the other hand, prefers full sun. While it is frequently used as a turfgrass in Kentucky, it does not possess tall fescue's heat tolerance and struggles during a hot, dry summer if irrigation is not provided. 

Perennial ryegrass is occasionally used on lawns, golf courses, and athletic fields in Kentucky. Due to the shiny appearance of this species, it stripes very easily when mowed. Because of that, as well as its wear tolerance and rapid germination rate, it is sometimes used on athletic fields. 

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—Gregg Munshaw