Photo of a stream in Robinson Forest, KY

Streams and rivers are the primary driver of Kentucky’s great biodiversity and much of its economy. KYH20, a new podcast series, examines the importance of this precious natural resource through multiple lenses.

“It’s critical that we protect our water resources, but we tend to take them for granted,” said Carmen Agouridis, extension associate professor in Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering. Agouridis is the series’ co-producer and co-host with Amanda Gumbert, UK extension water quality specialist in agriculture and natural resources extension.

Episodes cover subjects like aquatic life, geology and the bourbon industry, environmental education, recreational opportunities, and stream cleanups.

Gumbert hopes the series will persuade people that small changes make a difference.

“Maybe they will become better consumers and better decision-makers, so we all walk a little more lightly on the earth,” she said.

The podcasts are available through apps on any mobile device, iTunes, or online at

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